Review: Tech | 21 Flip-case for Nexus S

There is a big market for mobile phone cases thanks to the high cost and low resilience of modern devices; that big glass face may as well have a target for a background image because it only needs one unlucky drop to see it do an impression of a crystalline spider web.  Strange then that so few slip-on cases attempt to protect that most fragile part, the screen, and no scratch resistant film is going to shrug off a fall onto the concrete curb. 

Perhaps then you have been wowed by videos of iPhones being hurled at walls with enough force to dent the plaster while protected by only a sliver of a material called d30?  Yep, d30 is pretty impressive stuff so what better protection for your glossy new communicator than the Tech | 21 leather flip case for the Nexus S with d30 padding? Continue reading

I’ll care about Mobile 3D when it’s a Blackberry

Do all these new 3D technologies impress you?  3D Cinema and Television with various face worn methods of separating channels or smaller autostereoscopic screens for normal faced third dimensional visuals?  Well not me, I could not care less about any of it.  Not until the day Research In Motion put out their first glasses free 3D Blackberry.

No I am not mad. Continue reading